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Beau Vilters

april 17 1997 – june 14 2015


On the age of six Beau started training at SHH in Herten, where he started out in the F6. Then F1 and the E1. From there on he made the transfer to VVV Venlo.


VVV Youth

Beau was therefore only just eight years old when he started playing for VVV Venlo. Because there were no facilities for his age category he was placed in a higher ranking team. Almost ten years he attended the youth academy at VVV.

His highlight was the championship with the B1 team under trainer Mario Verlijsdonck.



In the year 2009 Beau was selected for the KNVB boys under 13 en the year after for the boys under 14, district South 2. He participated in the Fadrhonc tournament en the Euregional tournament.

In 2011 Beau participated in the selection-competitions for the Dutch national team under 15. He was among the last 44 players but did not make it to the final selection.


Football player

Beau, who was a technically gifted player with excellent game insight, tranquility at the ball both in offence and defence. Started out as middle field player but was soon assigned the position of central defence, at which he did well. Even though he was no speaker he still was able to steer his team. In a game against PSV during his first ball contact, he gave their straight forward a panna in their own 16 meter. This was his way to give the other boys confidence!

Outside the field Beau was calm and modest, always in the background. He wanted to occupy himself only with football and didn’t like ‘side issues’. Once, after winning a tournament, he had to accept a trophy as team captain and give a short speach. The only thing he said was: “Thank you”! Thereafter he rushed back to his team to stand at the back once more!


Selection VVV

At the age of 17 Beau was allowed to participate in the preparation, season 2014/2015, with the first team of VVV Venlo. He also played some exhibition games such as against FC Porto. Much to his disapointment he was demoted to the A1.

Beau was to attend the selection of VVV for season 2015/2016.

Onfortunately a fatal accident made for an abrupt ending of his greatest dream…


Pictures by Jack Wolters. Therefore special thanks!